Blogging in the Triad

**This is a draft that I thought I had published from much earlier in the semester!**

We’re reading essays for class, and the essay my group read was “Finding the Good Argument OR Why Bother With Logic” by Rebecca Jones. The article excellently gives an overview of rhetorical devices and concepts that is understandable for anyone. Jones uses current examples to explain classic rhetorical concepts such as logos, pathos, and ethos. Her article also contains examples of activities that can be done in class to illustrate and reinforce the concepts discussed. I particularly found her thoughts on the “war metaphor” of argument intriguing. What Jones is talking about is how many people think of rhetorical argument as a war: you must beat the opponent down, destroy their ideals, and conquer them. However, rhetorical argument such as the kind taught in schools is far different from this. Teachers attempt to get students to see the opposite side of a argument, evaluate opposing statements as well as their own, and overall simply make an effective and compelling (without being offensive or degrading) argument. The war metaphor that gets tossed around really seems to muddy the waters for rhetorical argument. Give Jones’ article a read HERE and see what you think. I really enjoyed it!

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  1. I *LOVE* this article, and every semester I use it with my students because it gives such a wonderful concise overview of basic argument rhetoric terms.

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