WAC case study: Cool ideas from a fellow university

My case study (that I’m behind in finishing; aren’t we all?) is on Brooklyn College’s WAC program. They have some -fantastic- things going on up there. I just wanted to share a few of those things that I’ve found really great. Feel free to check out their own wordpress site too. :p

  • Writing Fellows – From my understanding, you could call these guys WAC ambassadors. They are a small team within the program that help various schools/courses/professors with projects. More below.
  • Writing Fellows help professors develop writing assignments for classes. They also help develop rubrics and teach ways to grade writing. It’s like tutoring professors. And anyone of you that’s teaching knows how daunting it is to figure out how you’re supposed to grade work.
  • Tutors at their learning center (and Writing Fellows) – they help individuals and groups. Groups! Think of a whole group from a class coming into the LC with the same paper. The tutor can help them all in a mass tutoring session. This sounds so nice as opposed to tutoring 6 people back-to-back with the same problems. Think of this like a small class workshop that offsets the professors in class lessons. Writing Fellows also offer customizable workshops for classes with topics like thesis statements, citation, and style. Soooo cool. 😀
  • The LC also has FAQs on their webpage for various things. I looked through some of the pages and found things like walkthrough of certain math problems, devising thesis statements, and even ways to summarize an article. This is so great. If I just wanted a simple question answered, I’d much rather just look it up on the LC website from my own home than making an appointment at the LC and going to campus. Fan-tastic idea.

There are so many things to be learned and picked up. I have to say the biggest thing I like about WAC is collaboration. I believe that at the very core of WAC lies simply the genuine love for writing and the simple genuine desire, passion, and love of sharing that with others. Hey, sharing is caring. (Cheeeesy, I know! :P) Just wanted to share some of this with you guys since I’ve still not finished writing up my case study.


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2 responses to “WAC case study: Cool ideas from a fellow university

  1. I love that they are using wordpress.com to power their site (it’s really nice). I feel like we are so hip and with-it. 😉 Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Just keep working at it, I have faith that you’ll get it done and it will be great. Can’t wait to read the finished product!

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