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Friends, troubles,horses, and Cool Hand Luke.

To make a long, and personal story, short: I’ve really been feeling overwhelmed and battered this week (battered in an emotional/spiritual way, not in the “my wife beats me” way :P). My friend, colleague, and mentor  (WACATTACKAUM) said something in her blog that I’d like to hit on. She says the following in her blog post about Cool Hand Luke and writing courses:

  • “You know this: you have to want to write. I can’t make students do it; you can’t make other people do it; if you teach, you can’t make your students do it. You can assign it, but students may or may not do it. Sure, they might do it, but they might not put their hearts into it. That’s the like the subtle difference between heartbreak and defeat. “

I’ve been heartbroken lately, but I haven’t been defeated. And that part about having to want to write: absolutely true. I’m a creative writer (that’s been on a looooong dry spell admittedly) and let me tell you, there are days when you don’t feel like it. You just don’t want to worry with it. But when there’s a story in your heart or your head that wants to get out: you just write. It sucks. You want to go walking, or jogging, or just surfing youtube. But when it’s all said and done and there’s some text in front of you, something you created, you’re proud.

I’m not saying everyone can sympathize with that; I know some of you, heck, most of you, aren’t creative writers. But, it’s the idea of just having to have dogged determination and stubbornness that gets me. When negativity and bad things get you down, you dust yourself off and keep going. Writing makes me feel like that sometimes My soul has been sore lately and maybe I just needed to get off my woe-is-me horse and get back onto the saddle of my life-won’t-keep-me-down horse. 🙂


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