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Writing is hard and that ain’t no metaphor

“I don’t want to write anything! Do I really have to?”

I’m sure some of us have been at a place like this at least once or twice if for nothing else than a school project. This blog is for a course of I’m taking, yes, but it’s also for my own personal edification. I’m a writer at heart. Words give me a kind of peace that’s sometimes hard to describe. Sometimes a good sentence leaps off the page of a book (or the screen of your e-reader) and just sounds perfect to your mind. It’s sublime. Anyway, that’s another discussion. The topic here is: I need to write. Not only for class but because the only way to get better at something is to practice!

“But writing is sooooo hard!

And no, that’s not a metaphor. It really is just difficult sometimes. At times, I simply want to constantly look over my facebook feed, read my favorite web-forum, research something extracurricular I love, or just “do nothing”. Writing is too much like work. I have to manually process thoughts and type them out. When I read something online I only have to sit and move my eyes: much easier stuff. However, yesterday I did spend the better part of an hour working on my blog. I looked at other themes, changed the background picture a few times, added words, took away words, and changed colors. (I’m getting to a cohesive thought here, just bear with me.) All of that time didn’t seem so labor-intensive because I was “customizing” my blog. I was doing something “fun”. But here’s the rub: couldn’t one argue I was “writing” when I was “customizing”?

“You’re crazy, what are you talking about?!

Well, in class there was an article that discussed, more or less, how the definition of “text” is changing in our world today. Much of this can be traced to the internet. Previously there were only printed things: books, pamphlets, etc. However, now we have webpages, blogs, status updates, avatars. Our realm of communication has exploded with more and more visual elements. A classmate proposed a question: at what point do pictures, design elements, and even music become part of the “text” of a webpage since they all contribute to the information conveyed by that page. I think that’s a very hard to answer question. Though I do agree that all of these elements (and more) contribute to communication. I think visual and auditory elements certainly play into the “text” of a document. So, yesterday when I was playing around with the look of this blog, I was writing! Who knew? And see, here I was dreading having to write something; I was doing it all along. Composition is wonderful like that, honest! (And that ain’t no metaphor!)


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