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Collaborate! (Poets, musicians, DIYers, bloggers, neighbors…)

Have you ever got put in a group for a class and ended up being the only one doing work? I have. And it sucks! However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you get in a group (or class) that is simply amazing, and you all learn so much more! We’re working in groups for my current class and it’s really going great! Collaboration can be an awesome thing. Today, I had an idea for a poem and it made me think of a very close friend (who is a poet) that I figured would like to get in on the idea. Poets often write together. The collaboration sharpens us. One is encouraged by the other. All of that got me thinking of you guys and what I could say in my blog about this collaboration. What I can say is this: everyone can benefit from working together.

Think about your favorite musician. I’m sure you can find a video on youtube of them playing with another artist. And, chances are, it’s probably a really awesome video! Artists of any flavor collaborate. Everyday people shouldn’t be any different. Ask a friend for an opinion on a recent project of yours; ask a favorite blogger to help you write a post (or share a blog post); or even make do a weekend DIY project with some neighbors. I challenge you all to go out and see what happens when you work together! 🙂


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Alex Reid, the Blue Man Group, and my local professor…

I was doing some reading for class when I came across this quote: “blogging has a special relationship with serendipity and inspiration”. That’s Alex Reid talking about blogging in a chapter he wrote for Writing Spaces (an open-source writing textbook, check it out! It’s a great read, and it’s free. You can read the PDF of the chapter I mentioned HERE). What Reid was talking about was blogs don’t rely on the kind of structure that a traditional scholastic paper does (in the chapter he’s talking about using blogs in the classroom) and because of that, they’re a bit more “fun” to write. I’ll agree to that.


Now, specifically I want to talk about some of the serendipitous events that cover writing, rhetoric, and/or poetry that have happened to me since my last post. First, while surfing the homepage of wordpress I found this article – Blue Man group a Model for Communication? Now, I love the Blue Man Group so I was completely astounded and interested to see a blog post about not only BMG but also communication. Give the article a read; the author brings up some really great points about communication in a digital world and a business environment. Brilliant!

Secondly, a professor in my poetry class brought up an interesting idea: poetry never died but hooked up with electricity and snuck into music. He quoted a review of Bob Dylan in the Wall Street Journal Review that said more or less Dylan’s writing is bad poetry but wonderful songs. The patterns of speech, the phonetics, the rhythm of words and sounds simply make some mediocre lyrics into fantastic songs. (We won’t get into the debate of “good” or “bad” songs here, lol.) It’s an interesting thought. As a creative writer myself, I’ve pontificated on why poetry started to lose its mainstream edge in the twentieth century. Maybe my professor is onto something. Maybe poetry did evolve with the technology of the times and has snuck its way into our mp3s. I think some songs would certainly be examples to back that up.

Jerry’s Final Thoughts

So there you have it. Everywhere you look, there’s writing and communication. Even the Blue Man Group! Look around this week and see what kinds of everyday examples of communication you find. Post it up here and let me know what you (serendipitously?) encounter!


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