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Sir Ken Robinson and Roy Wood Jr. : Society needs diversity

Isn’t Roy Wood Jr. a comedian? And isn’t Sir Ken Robinson some author/speaker guy?

Yes. And yes. I know they don’t exactly sound like the best comparison in the world but hear me out. As usual, I do have a conclusion that I’m getting to. Though I’ll ramble a bit. 😛 Let’s start here:in class we’ve been watching videos about various things like creativity, educational reform, and open-source resources. Sir Ken’s TED.com talk was among one of those videos. Here’s the video to watch if you’d like:


The entire talk is fantastic, but if you’re like me and just want to get to the meat of the thing listen to 9:08-10:59 of the video. Sir Ken states at the end of this section, “Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent.” That’s very true. Societies need people from the bottom of the job market all the way to the top. Sir Ken was speaking about not everyone being meant for college. This made me think of a dear Alabama-born comedian, Roy Wood Jr., and a comment he made in one of his skits. Watch the video below (you’ll thank me).

Now, obviously, I’m not advocating stripping or anything. But Roy’s satire makes a point: you have to do what you like. If you watched all of Sir Ken’s talk then you’ll know he also mentioned that people should do what they love. Not everyone is supposed to go to college and be a business man. My cousin is a firefighter and he loves it. He also had people in his highschool life tell him “he could do more with his life” but if he enjoys it, isn’t that as much as he can do with his life? Sure, firefighters might not be international superstars, but they’re important. And so are mechanics, garbage men, and custodians. I always say, “Might as well do what you love, you’ll probably do it for the rest of your life” (Job changes aside. You know what I mean here). Our educational model needs a reform. We need to stop trying to standardize-test people into college and enable people’s talents and dreams. I would much rather see a world of happy people doing what makes them happy and do OK than a world of bored, depressed white-collar workers.


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