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Collaborate! (Poets, musicians, DIYers, bloggers, neighbors…)

Have you ever got put in a group for a class and ended up being the only one doing work? I have. And it sucks! However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you get in a group (or class) that is simply amazing, and you all learn so much more! We’re working in groups for my current class and it’s really going great! Collaboration can be an awesome thing. Today, I had an idea for a poem and it made me think of a very close friend (who is a poet) that I figured would like to get in on the idea. Poets often write together. The collaboration sharpens us. One is encouraged by the other. All of that got me thinking of you guys and what I could say in my blog about this collaboration. What I can say is this: everyone can benefit from working together.

Think about your favorite musician. I’m sure you can find a video on youtube of them playing with another artist. And, chances are, it’s probably a really awesome video! Artists of any flavor collaborate. Everyday people shouldn’t be any different. Ask a friend for an opinion on a recent project of yours; ask a favorite blogger to help you write a post (or share a blog post); or even make do a weekend DIY project with some neighbors. I challenge you all to go out and see what happens when you work together! 🙂


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